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You Receive:

  • A trained transcriber

  • Laptop computers and/or mobile hand held devices

  • TypeWell Software

  • Technical Support

  • Refined transcripts emailed within 24 hours of the assignment at no charge

Standard on site services:

The message is transcribed on the "writer" computer and is sent wirelessly to the "reader," which can be a laptop, a projector screen or a hand held mobile device. Up to four readers can receive transmissions from one writer, anywhere in the room, up to 100 feet away. This gives you the freedom to sit practically anywhere you choose in the room.

You will have state of the art equipment as your reader. This may be a standard laptop, PDA or netbook depending on needs and availability. Typically we use Dell and HP Netbooks for our readers. We have found that these readers give you the most reliable connection and the easiest reading experience.

When the assignment is complete, you will receive refined transcripts within 24 hours at no charge.

Pocket TypeWell for on site assignments:

You can read the message right in the palm of your hand! We can send the transcription wirelessly to a PDA or other mobile device that is specifically linked and equipped with TypeWell software. This allows you mobility, flexibility, takes up less space and is discreet. Perfect for lab classes, group work and banquets.

mobile application

*Pocket TypeWell is currently not compatible with remote services.

Remote services

You can use this service wherever there is a high speed Internet connection, anywhere in the English speaking world.

When transcribing remotely (when our transcriber is connected by Internet rather than in person), you will have a high-quality microphone that has been field tested to deliver a quality signal to the transcriber. You plug it in and we do the rest.

The speaker talks into the microphone and the sound is sent over the Internet to one of our trained transcribers, who transcribes the message and sends it instantly back over the Internet to your laptop in real time. When the assignment is finished, the transcriber will email you refined transcripts within 24 hours at no extra charge.

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